songs of freedom

Songs of Freedom is a multi-media, interactive project aimed at students that brings history—and learning—to life. The project uses contemporary music, storytelling and film to share and preserve the history of the Underground Railroad.

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beginning with the end

In 2002, a high school teacher in Rochester, NY, invited nine high school seniors to attend his new class. The name of the class: Hospice.

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criminal injustice:
death and politics at attica

Forty years after the bloodiest one-day encounter between Americans since the Civil War, the dead remain buried along with the truth. Until now.

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Blue Sky Project is a 501-c3 not-for-profit conceived to create and distribute documentary films focused on underreported social issues— the issues that shape an open and enlightened society. Our films provide educational outcomes and contextualized history. Our goal is to inspire ideas and action for real and lasting change.