conversations about education

Conversations About Education is a four-part public affairs series, in association with WXXI, taking on the challenging issues faced by school districts today.  Hosted by Helene Biandudi-Hofer, Conversations About Education features stimulating discussions with individuals intimately involved with setting the direction for education in our modern age — from the Chancellor of the Board of Regents to students, parents and educators from around the state. Conversations About Education engages the community in positive conversations about putting the needs of children first – to spotlight pathways to progress, motivate understanding, showcase new voices and viewpoints, and inspire hope. 

Conversations About Education will be a useful resource for all those who seek a greater understanding of complex and intertwined issues that impact educational institutions and outcomes. 

Why now?  Because there is no time to wait…the clock is ticking for this generation of learners. The longer it takes to come to grips with these issues, the more children will be underserved by the very institutions that exist solely to prepare them for a meaningful future. 


  • PBS, WXXI 2020