About Blue Sky Project

Whose voices deserve to be heard? Whose stories deserve to be told? To us, exploring questions like these can bring about more than social justice. It can bring about a genuine understanding of and empathy for people and ideas that have been overlooked, discarded, forgotten.

We believe you must keep moving through darkness to find your way into the light. Blue Sky Project is a 501-c3 not-for-profit conceived to create and distribute documentary films focused on underreported social issues that shape an open and enlightened society. Our films provide educational outcomes and contextualized history.

Our goal is to inspire ideas and action for real and lasting change.


Blue Sky Collaborators

David Marshall

Producer / Director

David Marshall is a multi-Emmy Award-winning documentary film maker and the president of Blue Sky Project. Dave's documentary films reflect his interest in human rights and the power of contextualized history.  His work as a producer, director, DP and editor has taken him around the world many times in his 30-year career. He holds a B.S. in photography / film and a M.F.A. in fine art / animation. A good day for Dave includes rain a book and a walk with his dogs.

Christine Christopher


Christine is an Emmy Award-winning producer for film and television, including July ’64, a documentary that was broadcast nationally on the PBS series Independent Lens, and edited by David Marshall. July ’64 was nominated for two Emmys and several other awards, and recognized by the Organization of American Historians with an Eric Barnouw Award for honorable mention. She is the recipient of many national grants and awards for her documentary film work, including a Sundance Documentary Fund research and development grant, multiple grants from the Independent Television Services, National Black Programming Consortium, and the Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media. She is the managing producer of Songs of Freedom in partnership with David Marshall and Blue Sky Project.

Ashley Sands

Ashley Sands is a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Film and a concentration in documentary. Death and Other Signs of Life is her first post-college project and something she holds very dear to her heart. Her love of travel and humanity fuel her desire to make films that support social change.

James D'Amanda

James holds a B.A., Boston University and is outreach coordinator for the documentary film Beginning With the End. Inspired by the students who appear in the film and their teacher, Bob Kane, James began supporting the Hospice Program in 2012 as Grant Writer and Event Manager for the Center for Mindfulness & Empathy Education (CMEE). He now serves as Hospice Teacher and Assistant Director of the CMEE. As a certified Home Health Aide, James also works as a Hospice Aide at Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center and volunteers at Advent House, one of the local 2-bed comfort care homes that appears in the film. He has received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) James hopes the film, Beginning With the End, will help empower young people and adults to provide compassionate care for the dying and raise awareness about the evolving landscape of hospice care in America.

Thom Marini

Thom Marini has been director of photography for four feature films as well as numerous documentaries, corporate videos and television commercials.

Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins is an international prize-winning composer, a versatile performer, an award-winning scholar and a music educator. His music includes art songs, musical theatre, solo instrumental works, choral music, electroacoustic media and music for film.

Sonia Rutstein

Sonia Rutstein is an award-winning vocal artist. She was presented with the award Best Female Artist of the Year in 1999 for Almost Chocolate. The band's Disappear Fear won the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Award for Best Album in 1994. Both No Bomb Is Smart and Tango garnered multiple Grammy Award nominations. Sonia's songs are featured in the teen movie Frog and Wombat and in the independent film Wave Babes. She also scored the soundtrack for Blue Sky’s Autumn's Harvest. In 2002, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company created its Sonia model guitar in Rutstein's honor.